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Mathura tour

In the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, Mathura- the homeland of Lord Krishna is visited and re-visited by many people from all sides of the country and overseas. It is a landlocked town with Agra, Vrindavan and New Delhi lying in the vicinity. This town features an illustrative history that is noticeable with grasping experiences, stars and activities. According to Indian myth, Mathura was ruled by a King known as Ugrasena. A devil dropped in love with the king’s spouse and consequently, redirected Ugrasena and believed his form. The child is born after the union of the demon and the king’s wife was called Kansa, who increased up and dethroned his dad. Visitors, spiritual enthusiasts, in particular, head this place all around the season to see the homeland of Lord Krishna. The sacred area of Mathura has several sightseeing opportunities, which include temples, mosques, museums and art galleries. A lot of festivals and fairs are organised here and joined by a large number of enthusiasts. The celebration of Janamasthmi, Lord Krishna’s birth anniversary, is the most popular festival organized here.

Mathura in Uttar Pradesh is one of the holiest pilgrim locations in India and is thronged by tourists all the throughout the season. When planning a holiday in Mathura, book your Mathura Tour Package in the month of March, as this is the time when the month-long holi festival is celebrated here with great pomp and show.

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